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My Lecture Task ( Bahasa Inggris - Direct&Indirect )

“Exclusive With Eva Natsir ( As Lilyana Natsir )”

EL                               : “Assalammualikum Wr. Wb.....
Hay guys we are meeting again with me EL Arwana in is not  4 eyes program, today the themes is “ Win again,, again,, and again”. okay we are calling famous badminton player. give to applause ..! there is Eva natsir.
Wellcome to this program, you’re very amazing”
EVA                            : “Thank you ...”
EL                                : “Sit down, please ....!”
EVA                            : “Okay”
EL                                : “Back to question!”
  Yesterday , Someone said that you and Nova Widiyanto had won in the  Malaysia Open. “That true?  What are you feel about this ??”
EVA                            : “Yes that true, I’m very happy and I very satisfied”
EL                                : “Back to question”
“Why are you come alone in this program ? where is you’re partner  Nova widiyanto ?”
EVA                            : Nova said that he was sick because of bad weather.
EL                                : “Okay .. for Nova Widiyanto I hope he better soon !!! Back to question!”
                                      “Did you feel so hard for defeat your rival ?”
EVA                            : “Yes, I did.”
  “I feel all rival very difficult  exactly  I must be focus in My  performance    
  then Nova and  my heart said that we could do all, and could win this    
EL                                : “That’s is good ! give to applause for Eva Natsir !
Okay .. next I have surprise for you ,, there is you’re mom ,,
                                      Give to applause for . Mrs. Natsir, how are you mom ?
MRS. NATSIR             : “I’m so fine , and you ?”
EL                                : “i’m really- really good.” “Sit down, please ,,,!”
EVA                            : “Mom ?? i’m very shock .”
EL                                : “Okay Guest, you all want to know the secret of all        
  Stars to night?  we will back soon, Stay turn on our program.”
Keterangan :
Dari Semua Percakapan Dalam Bahasa Inglish. Yang Berwarna Biru Itu Adalah Indirect Speech Atau Kalimat Tak Langsung Sesuai Kaidah Bahasa Inggris.
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Tugas 2
Berdasarkan Nomor NPM ( 1 8 2 1 2 1 8 1 ), diambil 2 paling akhir.Maka Tugasnya : No. 1 dan No. 8
0        01. Direct : Jim said “ I am Sleepy”
Indirect  : Jim said That he was Sleepy

 08. Jean said “ I cant afford to buy a new car”
Indirect : Jean said I Couldn’t afford to buy a new car.

Finish :)