Kamis, 12 Mei 2016

Just a Little Secret Story

I'm feeling hurt GOD~
The wound is too deep right now. I seem still can't face this. Everytime i remember memories inside my brain, I feel like wanna throwing up, it was rudely shaking me up. I never felt this since I was born. 

He showed me his current girl now. 
She seems like 'Dream Girl' on my history. Like Getting slap on the face, heart including my back. The University that she get entering, The love that she gets, The figure that she had.

Whereas here, that day just like loser because I'm the opposite of his current girl whom he calls fiancee. 

When I heard that, I understood it exactly as it sounded. That was his sarcastic comeback, hurting me for everytime i breathe.

I just couldnt say nothing but felicitation words & some prays.

Behind the closed door i really wanna say many questions like..
How is she? Did she erase all your memories about me? Are you happy?
Yes, your happiness is all that matters.
But I shouldnt give a F anymore. And I do~

I ain't a fool like I know he makes me replaced just in some days even before that. wow- 
That would be lie if I don't feel like hurt and scars. But lemme write this today.

Dear you... Yes It's You... You're typical liars. Aren't you?
Congratulation for opening your new story with your gold.
Congratulation for letting me taste bitter of love i had.
Congratulation  for leaving a wound on me & tarnishing all my secret fantasy.
Congratulation for making me think nothing left of me & unworthy.
I'm so thankful for everything though so thanks, R...
Just be happy now & meet up again someday?

hmmm. well...
But You're still in your fiasco, babe.
You're not important for me coz you know I'm the one who let you free on first page.
You can't make me broke into pieces still. 
Look, I'm still strong glass, standing on my feet like nothing happened.

And the secret yet the biggest jackpot is...
My GOD takes my hand from falling down into chasm
Take my soul away from being used by you longer. 
Plus, Gimme lessons, making my eyes open for brighter rainbow & waking me up my slumber self. 

efatzwa quotes 

Alhamdulillahirabbil Alamin :) Lahaula walakuata illabillah :)

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